Saturday, 16 June 2012


Our play advert! Enjoy and feel free to comment! It was made by my lovely friend! :D

Friday, 15 June 2012

Things i'm lovin'

The COOLEST shirt in the world. If anyone manages to find this- please tell me!

My Mum's 50th cake- how cool???

Hilarious banter from 2 strangers( my friend showed me this aggggeeess ago and it still makes me laugh!)

I have a major obsession with cool hair styles etc. so these are some of the lovely pictures i gathered along the way...

A successful lesson with my best friends! :D
So for a really long time now i've been collecting things that amuse me or i think are awesome. I was never really sure what to do with them. They started piling up, blocking my computer and it was time to do something...

SO instead of deleting them and forever forgetting i decided to share them with you , this way i'll have it with me ( but without using up all the storage...)

This was taken by a girl (also at my school) and i'm in love with it!
Believe it or not this is REAL chocolate!

This amazing girl actually goes to my school!

She's only in Lower 6 and she's signed with Storm Models. Name: AMELIA HUNT.

Well that's all i have in the way of (undeleted) treasures but as promised i will show you my Play Ad.

Unfortunately it isn't on youtube yet but i'll just post it on here and give you guys the first preview!

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Home, Hair Chop and Hardwork

After arriving home yesterday ( it had taken 28hrs to get home!) i fell straight asleep- not too good for the jet lag! I felt absolutely useless and then it arrived.

Airport food

At 9:51 on Saturday Morning i recieved an email from my english teacher.

" Dear ......
Just a reminder that your english coursework of 800 words is due in on Thursday.
You won't be free on Monday or Tuesday due to Play Prac but i'm sure you have done it already."

800 words, please tell me you're joking !
so i still have to write that.    :S

Apart from the seriously fast approaching deadline i have other horrific news.


this may i remind you was not out of choice but necessity.

I was okay ( on the outside) about cutting half an inch, an inch and i was going to get a little emotional.

But the hairdress didn't cut off an inch , she cut off 3 INCHES!

So i'm still in mourning of my hair( that used to touch my hips) but now is only boob level. :'(


Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Water Fun

Yesterday i went water skiing in the bluest water i've ever seen!

i've never water skied before but it was surprisingly easy to pick up!

Being on a boat all day i was extremely happy i didn't manage to burn myself-
OH BUT I DID. it didn't come through until after i got home!
and it still hurts BAD.

It doesn't really show up on here but this is after i put like 500ml of aloe vera on!
Hope everyone had a lovely weekend and isn't too bummed out about having to concentrate again!


Saturday, 2 June 2012

Sorry to make you jealous my lovelies but...

I'm in the CARIBBEAN!!!

I'm staying in a lovely villa called Villa Sounion in the Turks and Caicos islands.

One thing that might make you feel better though is that it's unbearably hot i've had to stay inside ALL DAY.

And also i don't tan, i go the colour of a lobster!

It's my sister's 21st today so we went to a lovely restaurant on the beach for breakfast!
I had chocolate pancakes with tropical fruit- YUM YUM :D

Hope everyone is having a brilliant weekend and have lots of fun!

Haha i'm watching The Voice on skype from my step dad who's at home. That's one draw back of being out here...  I think i'm on Team Jessie or Danny. Bo & Vince <3