Sunday, 22 July 2012

Party and Bulls**t

Hello again!
This is my first ever HAULLL!
Excited? i am!

I'm normally really impressed by topshop , however when i went there yesterday it was quite disappointing! The sale was rubbish ( i was quite late i guess). 
They had put out all the new stuff ( which is divine) but i didn't have time to try all of it on!
Topshop is most definitely designed for skinny people, quite frankly if you're over a 10/12 you might as well go to another store. It frustrates me SOOO much how good their clothes look on small people and how rubbish they look on me! 
However some people still manage to pull off a 12 at topshop.
The new shorts ( green with spikes!) are to die for but with my big legs there's no way i'm going to depress myself by trying them on :(

I mean topshop have made a petite range so it's about time the catered for the other side.

Despite my rant i bought thisssss

Bra- £7, Socks-3 for £8

I can't get enough topshop socks. They are all genius and i have a draw FULL of them :D

Next purchase are my party shoes! 
I was so happy when i waited and found them online for £100 instead of the original £150. I assumed they wouldn't run out of stock so i waited until last week to think about buying them. And guess what - they where now £69 BINGO! They're comfy , awesome and i saved tonsssss :) 
They have a heel version which were also divine however i'm a bit of an spaz when it comes to walking in stilettos ( and they hurt) but they were only £59...

I also (when in the store) eyed up some shoes for you fellow stud lovers.
They're called KISS and they're on sale too.
 ANYWAY, enough shoe loving...

I also went to the ultimate shop A.K.A my fav ZARA.

 I just love it in there so much! The price ( £70 per dress) normally makes me want to cry and bankrupt me for aaggess.  BUT, i caught the sale . Oh yessss!
Those £70 dresses were now £20 ( although slightly annoyed i bought a few at £70) there were some i'd never seen :D

I decided to just get one though and cut my wallet some slack!
 It's a lovely shade of yellow (doesn't look too great in the picture though! *dodgy light*).
The back *i'm a sucker for cool backs* is a crochet daisy pattern but is see through (if that makes any sense).

One of the things i liked most was the buttons on the back ---

They're STUDS!!

Had the same problems in Topshop? 
Any nice sale items?

Hope you've had a fab weekend


Friday, 20 July 2012

Depth over distance every time, my dear.

Hello Lovelies!
i've been at home all week trying to do some artwork ( but heavily procrastinating instead!)
My title is "texture" so i got a bit bored and did this eye -even though i'm supposed to be drawing trees!

I've also been quite boring with my outfits ( sorry!) but this is just one of the plain ensembles of the week ;)

Dress: H&M ,  Belt: Vintage

I actually bought this dress in a Size 14, i'm normally a 10 but it's just sooooo short! It's still too short for me ( i either show bum or boob) and there is NO WAY i can bend down or brave the wind in this dress! I still love it though and it makes a brill skirt too :D

How has your week been?
Have you been Unproductive too?
Have you ever had to buy something bigger because it's too short?


Friday, 6 July 2012

giveaway please

haha i've seen a lot of "summer giveaways" going on these last couple of weeks, they've all been for reaching 100, 250, 500 etc followers. Quite frankly i was rejoicing when i got 500 views ( which was today ;) )  so my hat goes off to the lovely ladies who managed 100 followers or more! 

I want to hold a giveaway so bad, but i don't think 500 views is really worthy enough so I PROMISE YOU i will hold a giveaway when i reach 100 followers/1000 views ( which ever one comes first!)
I'm halfway towards both sooo...

Keep an eye on it and spread the word! Lets see if we can do it before winter starts to kick in ;)

ANYWHOOOOO.... enough of that.


I've been needing a new duvet cover for ages now so i thought i'd indulge myself!
these are the lucky ones i'm taking home with me :D

Grey London

White trees

Blue swallows

they're all from debenhams :D

this is my old duvet cover ( it's DIY)

what do you think? got a favorite?

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Come fly with me

They put these tacky doves on the pitches.
Dress: New Look

Today was my Summer Fete! For some annoying reason they changed it to "dove day" because of the founder of the school!

it was sunny but rained at the end....
 and i was pretty bored because my parents didn't come!

but aside from that I'M FINISHED FOR THE SUMMER! hurrah, freedom at last :D


Monday, 2 July 2012


Challenge accepted and nailed!

I thought hmmm if i actually had £100 i'd be pretty chuffed, so why not go a little crazy and get something i wouldn't normally buy!
Trusty Sandals
Wacky Maxi Dress

Hair Cuff
You have to have pants ( wouldn't be PG otherwise..)

 So in total it was £98 i think that's quite good eh?

bloomin' hope i win!

Try it yourself---