Wednesday, 14 November 2012

∞Mastered the Surfdome CHALLENGE ∞

Another day , another challenge.
Surfdome, an incredible online store with over 750 brands has organized a £250 challenge.
So i got cracking.

This swimsuit is PERFECT. Obvs it can be worn as a costume but more diversely as a TOP!  £82.99

It would make a lovely addition to a long maxi skirt or a cracking pair of shorts.
*cue the maxi dress* the top section could be folded and tucked in and the swimming costume revealed. Or when you're not feeling as brave, simply wear the dress! VERSATILE. £59.99
this backpack is the definition of CUTE. i love carrying a backpack, it takes me back to the good times £21.99

"Must have" sky blue creepers with some cute GRANULAR socks £84.99 +£10.99
A beanie for the cold times.  £26.99

Another thing i would get which could go with any of these items £54.99

 Soooo i may have 'overspent' virtually. However if i did win this i would use my own money to buy the little 'extras' i want ( the socks , beanie and cardigan)

BUT excluding those goodies my total is :
Pretty good i think, can't buy anything else for 4p, so bloomin' good job :)

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Give me Love

#Halloweenandbonfirenightinone! Our school forbids celebration of halloween, but considering halloween was on our bonfire night this year #tryandstopus.

 i'll show you a few cute snaps

i managed to paint her face in the dark and it took me 5 minutes #goodeffort

the after hype

How was your bonfire night/halloween??
scary i hope ;)