Wednesday, 15 August 2012

∆ Content like a Panda Bear ∆

Considering i don't have that much to do i've been really naughty not posting :/
Just to let everyone know- i chose READING and my mum has agreed to let me have the party next year- SCORE!
The weather (not jinxing or anything) has been amazing the past 2 days!
Hallelujah some bloody sun at last!
Maybe this will motivate my exercise regime (which is previously non-existent).
I felt quite happy waking up this morning and after last night's frantic raid through many magazines , i stumbled across this beauty.
This was a picture in Cosmopolitan (i'm a monthly subscriber of courseeee).
 I plucked up the courage to give it a try- despite the family taking the piss out of me.
It was (quite) successful.

funky tonguee ahaha
To add to the animal mood i wore this leopard dress from H&M- £7.99
Granted, this was a bit of the "spur of the moment" thing and it was rather rushed. I didn't actually have white lipstick, so i used face paint *which was disgusting* so it didn't last for long.

I did in fact go on a run, i felt so good about it when putting on my jogging clothes.
Little did i know i would sound like a bloody wheezing granny whilst attempting to run! haha :D
I got bitten to death, lost, stared at and to top it off,  laughed at.
Despite that though, i felt bloody good.
It might take some time though for me to be able to actually run the whole time!
I recently found this fitness blog, about a girl who's trying to get into exercise (it's really motivating) check it out--
I also woke up after my run with a bloodshot eye :(
not sure how that happened but apparently it's really bad , because i burst more than 1 capillary :/
 Hope everyone is having a brilliant week ( and don't forget to watch MIC tomorrow)


Saturday, 4 August 2012


Hello Lovely People!
About a week ago i let my best friend see my blog, much to her excitement.
I was quite surprised i even told her really, and i most certainly am not sharing this with my family.
Anyway I have a HUGE dilemma.
My mum is throwing me a massive party ( as you already know) and she has just offered me a choice- you can have this party or invite 20 people to Reading Festival.
I really want this party, but i've wanted to go to reading forEVER.
I thought it was that simple, have the party and go next year BUT my mum has now told me i have to get everyone's number ( that's 208 numbers) by today if i want the party.

This is a mission impossible. And i sure as hell am not Tom Cruise.

Also to add on that drama, the venue for my party has just told us we need to turn the music off by 12pm. My party starts at 8pm so there is practically no reason to bloody have it.

I hate my life so much right now so i thought i'd show you some mood related pictures.
Pictures all by me and face painted by me.

 I hope you all have better days than i'm having!