Saturday, 26 May 2012


sooo , i haven't shared my little secret with you yet. I'm turning 16 in october and so to celebrate i'm having a circus themed 16th! The party is in september so i've got to get cracking with planning and most importantly - MY OUTFIT!
 So unfortunately I'm skint. So i had a little raid in the cupboard to find something i could possibly wear. My friends , i know are all going in black little numbers so i thought as birthday girl i should come in something 'WOW' so when i found this i was quite pleased with the vibrant colours.

My friends haven't seen it yet (which is fab)but i've been also dying to wear these heels from Kurt Geiger.
I thought they would go well with my dress and provide a current trend of pattern clashing.
But i feel like they might overpower the dress and become too much! 
i also really want to show off the shoes which i can't do if i wear them with such a statement dress.

I'm sure my party will be the key theme of many posts to come and i'll keep you up to date with all the plans :)

What would you wear?    Are the heels AND dress too much?

                                    Thankkkssss     xxxxx


  1. those shoes are amazing x

    1. I know i've been eyeing them up for ages now!

      follow me pleassseee xxx