Tuesday, 3 April 2012


Through all that MIC excitement (oh man it was good...) and my computer crashing i didn't get a chance to share my shopping finds...
I only have one word to describe my day ZARA.
The collection there at the moment is superb. I felt like i fitted in quite nicely on the shelves in my pastel coloured ensemble.
The only piece i managed to buy was this tulip dress 

I was so frustrated with my lack of money, i wanted to buy the whole shop! like this and these. ooh can I have these too?

Whatever you do, don't look at the shoes- you may end up bankrupt.
If you get a chance check their stuff out online or if you want some unseen pieces pop down to a store. They do everything from party wear to work clothes( I bought a lovely pencil skirt for £9.99).

If you have any questions please do ask!!

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