Monday, 2 April 2012

Fruit Pastels

It's almost summer so embrace the trend: pastels.

I woke up with sun shining through my curtains (okay it was 10 already...) and birds chirping(yes, i live in the country) and i was happy! And i thought what a better way to enjoy my mood than to wear happy clothes- so i hid my creepers and long black skirts , put my chains and crosses in my draw and rifled to the back of the wardrobe to find something remotely colourful!
The first addition to my outfit-a struggle to find!
   As i rummaged through the back my cupboard i stumbled across this little monster- a favorite of my sisters' nonetheless. A dress i purchased in Verona, Italy about 20m from Juliet's balcony in a beautiful Italian boutique called Lazzari.

My Mum's an avid vintage wearer-not like the girls in mags (I'm talking proper, even bloody vintage bras).                             I never even noticed how useful her clothes were!

I felt the dress needed something more and unfortunately the weather was proving not as warm as it looked!(note: always, yes always do a temperature check before deciding on your outfit). I scavenged through the house and came across my Mum's cardigan- vintage of course! Designed by Ceil Chapman, a famous New York designer of the 1950's who made dresses for the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Aretha Franklin among others.
Flame throwers and lots of dots.

Although these, however not as glam as the other pieces, are by far my favorites. The socks and heels trend is one of my all time favorites and these socks do just the job (£3.99 Topshop). The heels, naughtily stolen from my sister, brighten up this outfit, making me feel more fun and outgoing ( not to mention they make your legs look good!). We purchased these heels together in Milan. We found them in a small store who hadn't even decided what to name their shop (Now that's a rarity).

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